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Subject: The Spotlight & Liberty Lobby
From: Ribaud <>

The Spotlight & Liberty Lobby

By Ribaud <>
26 November, 1995

"The American right wing has made common cause with this racism and anti-Semitism in their ranks."
[Chip Berlet]

The SPOTLIGHT Magazine is a notoriously anti-Semitic newspaper published by the quasi-Nazi Liberty Lobby which also has connections to the Institute for Historical Review, an organization devoted to proving the Nazi Holocaust against Jews and others was a hoax. The Institute is the branchild of Willis Carto, who runs Liberty Lobby and the SPOTLIGHT. They are all also connected with the WACL, the World Anti-Communist League.

The Institute for Historical Review [IHR] has attempted to rewrite the history of World War II in favor of the Axis powers and present nazism in a favorable light.

Willis Carto of the LIBERTY LOBBY and the SPOTLIGHT also edited a publication [called appropriately RIGHT magazine] in 1960 calling for voter support for the American Nazi Party. In the book, THE LIBERTY LOBBY AND THE AMERICAN RIGHT, the author, Frank P. Mintz outlines the "overlap" in ideology and clientele between Liberty Lobby and the John Birch Society and the Coalition for Peace Through Strength.

Carto merged one of his magazines, NORTHERN WORLD with one by a known racialist, Roger Pearson, to form WESTERN DESTINY which offered such thrilling racist garbage as "Eugenics and Race", Racial Elements of European Civilization", "Race and Civilization," etc.

The common bond between groups like these and those who would advocate for them are their self-serving academic revisionism rooted in an ideological preference for nationalism and capitalistic exploitation, their alliances with those who are and have been opposed to communism and socialism, their inegalitarianism, and their apologia for collaborationists with fascists and other anti-communists.


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