Sweeney on Buchanan.

Comments by John Sweeney, President of the AFL-CIO at the Bal Harbour, Florida, at AFL-CIO annual meeting

People's Weekly World, 24 February, 1996, p.4

"Is Patrick Buchanan really singing your song with his messages about the wage gap, the plight of workers and the needs for new trade protections? Here's my response: Pat Buchanan is a racist. He's anti-Semitic, he bashes women, right along with labor and immigrants and he's a believer in supply-side economics. We are none of those things.

" . . . Candidate Buchanan has come very late to the issue of declining worker income in the midst of economic plenty. He is against the minimum wage, he is against wage standards. . .against the right of workers to join an form unions and for. . .policies that have transferred billions of dollars from the tattered pocketbooks of middle income Americans to the silk-lined purses of the rich. . . "

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