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California: Gov Wilson's War on Mexican-Americans

By Peter Rashkin. Brown Flu Media Release.
11 June, 1996


I am forwarding this to get your comments before I support it or propose it to the Alianza. Mr. Mendoza has a web page at


(Modesto, CA) Mexicanos and Mexican-Americans may not have been able to agree on whether to support Julio Cesar Chavez or Oscar De La Hoya in last Friday's championship fight, but there is one area in which there is nearly universal agreement- California Governor Pete Wilson is the number one enemy of the Mexican people.

Wilson's divisive rhetoric, coded slickly against Mexicans, promises to reach a crescendo in his home town of San Diego as he plays host to the Republican National Convention on August 12, exactly 2 months from today.

In response to the anticipated barrage against his perceived threat of illegal immigration, a national sick-out by Mexicanos and Mexican-Americans-dubbed the "Brown Flu-" is planned to coincide with the opening of the convention.

The action, despite its timing, is non-partisan. Texas Governor George Bush, Jr. is an example of a Republican that recognizes the contributions made by Mexican immigrants and embraces relations with Mexico like a true statesman. We appreciate Bush's refusal to bash Mexicans for the sake of political gain.

Wilson's political posturing, however, is particularly galling when you consider he reportedly employed- and benefited from- the services of an undocumented immigrant.

But the bigger question is: who in California HASN'T benefited from cheap Mexican labor. California agribusiness could not have prospered to its present prominence without the sweat of undocumented workers. That is a fact and can NOT be disputed by any knowledgeable source.

Pete Wilson's refusal to even acknowledge- much less be grateful for- the contributions of Mexicans is what prompts this action. We demand respect. We want him and political opportunists in BOTH parties to show some balance in the immigration debate.

We want the rest of the nation to know the reasons why Mexicans started coming en masse and the agricultural magnet that prompted the migrations to begin with. We want Bob Dole to pull Wilson aside and say, "Stop telling lies about Mexicans."

The following directives are extended to all participants:

California politicians in both parties bash illegal immigrants while lobbying for exemptions for agribusiness. We suggest their motto should be: "ILLEGALS - CAN'T LIVE WITH 'EM, CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT 'EM."

We are HUMAN BEINGS, and we simply DEMAND respect. The Brown Flu will send the signal to the politicians and the rest of America that we do make some positive contributions to this society. All we ask is that you recognize us.


The idea for the Brown Flu came from a column by Los Angeles Times writer Peter H. King. Attached is a copy of the column titled, "The Day They Quit Coming.". The column, dated February 7, 1996, gives a prophetic look to August 12 and what California life would be like without the labors of immigrants to do the grunt work. King also envisions Republican delegates in San Diego hotels livid when they can't get their rooms cleaned and beds made. King predicts Dole sends for Wilson to come make his bed. Information about the Brown Flu has been circulating stealthily on the internet for weeks.

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