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From nobody Sun Jul 13 06:27:14 2003
From: C R Spinner <cspinner@hotmail.com>
Newsgroups: soc.culture.african,soc.culture.south-africa,soc.culture.african.american
Subject: The Bush Agenda in Africa_3
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2003 10:49:41 -0700
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Americans Weep for Aids Orphans

New Vision, 11 July 2003 news report and comment

Kampala, Jul 11, 2003 (New Vision/All Africa Global Media via COMTEX)—The average American cries for AIDS orphans and lone mothers, President George W. Bush told Africans on Thursday.

The first thing I want the leadership in Africa to know is that the American people care deeply about the pandemic that sweeps across this continent, the pandemic of HIV/AIDS, Bush told reporters.

He said his initiative was an indication of the good heart of the American people.

We are not only a powerful nation, we are a compassionate nation. No matter what political party or ideology of the American citizen, the average citizen cares deeply about the fact that people are dying in record numbers because of HIV/AIDS.

We cry for the orphan, we care for the mom who is alone. We are concerned about the plight and therefore we respond as generously as we can, Bush said.


The average American cries for AIDS orphans. Yes we do.

And No. No affordable drugs. We must rake in the exorbitant profits and the wealth of Africa. As millions of Africans die.

We want their lands, their resources—without the pesky Africans.

There was a time that the anthrax dosage cost over US$4.50. And then there was a national security need for wide availability of the drug. The USA government dictated to the drug companies that they had to supply the drugs to the government for under US$0.50. And the companies did. And even at that reduced price, the pharmaceutical companies made huge profits.

The bleeding-heart Americans CAN provide the drugs to Africa at affordable prices. And No. No affordable drugs. We must rake in the exorbitant profits and the wealth of Africa. Without the pesky Africans.

That is the new world order.

It reminds one of the times that vacuous doctrines of the ’Brotherhood of Man’ and the worthless christian doctrines of ’Equality of Man’ went hand-in-hand with the bondage and enslavement of Africans; and the extermination of North and South American Indians; and the extermination of the Aus Aborigines/Tasmanians. Doesn’t it? And now we are similarly dedicated in Africa. A crusade.

And as in those earlier crusades, many of us know it and secretly share in the predator’s thrill of it. [Just as we share in the exquisite, dark thrill of slaughtering those Iraqi and Afghani. Pretending that they are equal foes—and calling it a war—greatly enhances the experience of the ’hunt’ and kill.]