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History of women and gender in the United States

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   United States social history in general
Celebrating International Women's Day, March 8__Luminous with Age: the seasons of Meridel Le Sueur
By Tim Wheeler, in People's Daily World, 4 March, 1995.
The Emergency Clinic Defense Coalition__A History and Assessment
By Sarah Adams, in Chicago Workers' Voice Theoretical Journal, 24 October, 1995. History of ECDC, established in 1988 in Chicago to defend women's abortion rights against right-wing terrorism.
Feminism and working class women
By Mev Miller. 14 November, 1995. Bibliographic suggestions.
Gloria Martin, 1916-1995: Feminist Pioneer and Unabashed Lifelong Socialist
Obituary from Marian Larkin. 7 December, 1995.
The Tyranny of Structurelessness
By Jo Freeman. 12 March, 1996. A sociology of group dynamics. The structural requirements for democracy and for effectiveness.
Gay Rights Victory: Supreme Court on Colorado Amendment 2
By Kristianna Tho'Mas, in Workers World, 30 May 1996. Defeat of anti-gay amendment.
Wife killing rooted in private property
By Sue Davis, in Workers World, 21 November, 1996.

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