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History of social legislation and welfare in the United States

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   United States social history in general
Attacking the Problem of Welfare at its Root
By Tom Hopkins, in People's Weekly World, 18 February, 1995.
A labor leader's view of welfare "reform"
By Blair Bertaccini, in People's Weekly World, 25 February, 1995.
Fighting Back! Challenging AFDC myths with the facts
By Mimi Abramovitz and Fred Newdom. 28 March, 1995.
National Welfare Rights Union convention draws up plans to fight anti-poor budget cuts
By Allen Harris, in People's Tribune (Online Edition), 18 September 1995.
Review of Linda Gordon, Pitied but not entitled: Single Mothers and the History of Welfare, 1890-1935
By Ruth Crocker, 7 October, 1995.
G.O.P. admits hidden agenda. Dole and Gingrich secret plan exposed: budget cuts 'smart' way to kill Medicare
By Tim Wheeler, in People's Weekly World, 4 November, 1995.
Wall St. makes grab for Social Security
By Fred Gaboury, in People's Weekly World, 7 December, 1996. Re effort to remove Social Security from public control by privatizing it.
GOP attack on minimum wage denounced
By Tim Wheeler, in People's Weekly World, 14 June, 1997. Re Workfare.
Pickets at the White House: 'HANDS OFF MEDICARE!'
By Tim Wheeler, in People's Weekly World, 2 August, 1997.

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