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History of immigration and immigrants in the United States

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History of the immigrant experience in the United States

Rights leaders denounce anti-immigrant slurs
By Marilyn Bechtel, in People's Weekly World, 16 September, 1995. California right wing demogogery.
Senators Mount Attack on Legal Immigrants
By Anthony Murawski. 20 November, 1995.
INS agrees to investigation of abusive sweeps
By Marilyn Bechtel, in People's Weekly World, 7 October, 1995. Abusive INS sweeps in Bay Area for Chicanos and Latinos.
San Francisco supervisors uphold immigrants' rights to benefits
Special to the People's Weekly World, 21 December, 1996. Aim to prevent immigrants' loss of entitlement benefits under the new national welfare law.
Immigration law targets workers' rights
By Monica Somocurcio, in Workers World, 1 May, 1997. Immigrants need to organize to fight the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996.
On April 1 the axe falls: Showdown coming over welfare cuts. Protests planned for Cutback Summit
By David Perez, in Workers World, 27 May, 1997. Fully documented immigrant workers about to loose protections.
Denied Food Stamps, Many Immigrants Scrape for Meals
By Rachel L. Swarns, New York Times, 8 December 1997. Federal welfare cuts deny food stamps to 50,000 able-bodied legal immigrants in New York City. The law has pushed an estimated 770,000 immigrants off food stamps across the nation, Federal officials say.

History of immigration policy in the United States and the INS

Florida gets federal money to help immigrants
Reuter. 1 December, 1995. Example of what determines policy.
Immigrants Contribute MORE than they Take
San Jose Mercury News, 11 December, 1995.
13 Myths About Immigration
Prepared by Rich Cowan et al. 12 April, 1996.
New Study Documents Hundreds of Immigrant Deaths at Texas-Mexico Border
AFSC News Release. 24 April, 1996.
Deception, Dehumanization, and the INS
By Mark Dow, in This Week in Haiti, 24 July, 1996. Parts 1 & 3 of a three-part critique of the INS, using the Miami office as an example.
Conference focuses on how to defend immigrants' rights
By Gloria La Riva, in Workers World, 19 December, 1996. At Western Regional Conference of La Coordinadora '96, it was shown that Mexico was clearly the target of the new law of 1 April to constrain immigration.

History of deportations from the U.S.

Record number of deportations
By Shannon Spence, in Workers World, 21 November, 1966.
Record number of immigrants deported
By Daniel Vila, People's Weekly World, 8 November 1998. 111,794 immigrants were deported last fiscal year, which surpassed the government's goal of 93,000. That does not include the more than 90,000 persons who "voluntarily" left due to the repressive new immigration laws.
Rate of Criminal Deportations Falls
By William Branigin and Gabriel Escobar, the Washington Post, 12 April 1999. Deportation of illegal immigrants has doubled since a far-reaching immigration law two years ago. Despite a mandate to target convicted dangerous criminals, the share of criminals has actually dropped to its lowest level this decade.

History of undocumented immigrant workers (so-called "illegal aliens")

Stop The Attacks On Immigrants' Rights; Miami picket builds October 12 march in New York
By Brad Caiman, in The Militant, 13 October 1997. Picket of INS organized by the Haitian rights organization Veye-Yo and the Miami Committee for Dignity and Justice for Immigrants, including the Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees (UNITE), to publicize the national march in New York City for immigrants rights on October 12.
"No human is illegal": Arizona march on border patrol HQ
By Gery Armsby, in Workers World, 30 October 1997. The protest at U.S. Border Patrol Headquarters over those killed by the Border Patrol's brutality and racist, anti-immigrant, anti-Native policies.
"Our daily ordeal is going unnoticed": Cries for help from Krome
By Mark Dow, Haiti Progress, This Week in Haiti, 12-18 August 1998. Conditions in Miami's brutal Krome detention center violate human rights.
Unity defeats anti-immigration law
By Evelina Alarcon, in People's Weekly World, 10 August 1999. Defeat of Proposition 187 in California. The California court found the vicious anti-immigrant campaign to be unconstitutional.

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