The Role of Joseph Lieberman

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2/16 Lieberman signs books in West Hartford and at Uconn
Book review by Phil Marshall, 14 February 2000. Senator Joseph Lieberman, a staunch supporter of the sanctions which starve thousands of Iraqi civilians each month and a vocal advocate of morality will be holding book signing ceremonies this Wednesday. Lieberman discusses in a rather shallow manner some of the pressing issues of today. We are all in jeopardy abroad for a wild west approach to foreign affairs. He admittedly chose to run for the U.S. Senate and then proceeded to learn the issues.
Americans United calls on Lieberman to step down as chairman of Center for Jewish and Christian values
Americans United for Separation of Church and State press release, 20 August 2000. Lieberman serves as honorary chairman of the Fellowship's Center for Jewish and Christian Values, a right-wing fundamentalist organization that would impose rigid orthodoxy on all Americans.
Lieberman Waxes Nostalgic for Good Old Days of Broadcasting
By Dana Calvo, The Los Angeles Times, 20 September 2000. Lieberman's Catskills humor plays well to crowds on the campaign trail, but his moralistic scoldings have made Hollywood uneasy. It is ironic in that television was the basis of his education and the axis of his life.
Lieberman Votes for Himself—Twice
By Brigitte Greenberg, AP, 7 November 2000. Lieberman, the Democratic vice presidential candidate, ran simultaneously for a third term to the Senate, a position he could not hold as vice president. Surveys suggest his personal religious faith not a factor. Nevertheless, Lieberman readily admits being superstitions.
Lieberman praises New Spiritual Awakening, reaffirms support for faith-based legislation
American Atheists, 2 March 2001. Possible 2004 Prez Candidate Says Nation of Islam, Moonies Should Be Eligible For Taxpayer Funding Of Religion-Tainted Social Programs.
Lieberman crafting revised faith-based funding bill: A coming liberal setout on the religion tax in America?
American Atheist, 23 July 2001. Lieberman is crafting new legislation to increase federal funds for religion-based charitable groups. I've always believed that religion is a source of unity in America, not division. Lieberman chases the God issue in hopes of breaking the Republican monopoly on values as a campaign issue.
Lieberman faith-based bill may be Bush's best hope
American Atheists, 4 September 2001. The fate of President Bush's plan to subsidize religious groups operating social programs may rest with Senator Joseph Lieberman. Critics worry that religion will be used by churches as a criteria in hiring and other practices, which is tantamount to government-funded discrimination. Lieberman working on a version of the bill that will evade the Constitutional challenges.
Opportunist Dems Call for War on Iraq
The Village Voice, [23 November 2001]. Capitol Hill's loudest voice for bombing Iraq is Senator Joe Lieberman. He said that if we give Hussein a chance and don't pre-emtively defeat him, he will truly attack us before long.
An Organization on the Lookout for Patriotic Incorrectness
By Emily Eakin, 25 November 2001. Extracts from its website shows the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) was co-founded by Joseph Lieberman, who currently serves on its National Council. An article shows that ACTA is a right wing organization that attacks academic freedom and promotes a jingoistic curriculum, using McCarthy-like tactics.
Lieberman—All should pay for repairs, upkeep of ‘historic’ churches—program could cost millions
American Atheists, 19 December 2001. Historic preservation a front for Libermanm's scheme to privatize public services. This despite the First Admendment to the Constitution which would forbid this ploy.
Joe ‘McCarthy’ Lieberman?
The Hartford Advocate, 20 December 2001. Lieberman, who sits on the advistory board of the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA), which released a report that criticizes universities for evidence of anti-Americanism during the current war in Afghanistan, may be remembered as the Censorship King.
Lieberman Wades Into Florida's Discontent: Sting of 2000 Election Could Help Him In 2004
By David Lightman, The Hartford Courant, 22 January 2002. Lieberman opportunistically appeals to Black frustrations in order to shore up a possible presidential bid in 2004. When asked about his controversial 1995 view questioning affirmative action, he claimed he is only against quotas. Protest signs saying that Martin Luther King would not have approved of Lieberman's eagerness to use the military with its disproportionately black ranks.
Compromise reached on faith-based funding scheme—Sandorum, Lieberman run point for public subsidies for religion
American Atheists, 7 February 2002. Lieberman helped forge a compromise that would privatize governement services, but avoid violating the Constitution. It relies on back-door funding by giving public monies to for-profit corporations instead. This CARE bill is littered with objectionable and unconstitutional provisions.
Above the Patriotic Din
By Ruth Conniff, The Progressive, February 2002. Leading the pack of Bush supporters in Congress is Senator Joe Lieberman. Lieberman is leading a hostile campaign against some Arab countries. Among Democrats he is the biggest hawk on the block.
Taking Issue With Lieberman's Mideast Stand
Letter to the The Hartford Courant, from David L. Silk, Stonington, 18 April 2002. Lieberman blasted President Bush for demanding Israeli Prime Minister Sharon pull back his troops. While passionately condemning the Palestinians and leading the call for another U.S. invasion of Iraq, Sen. Lieberman doesn't criticize Israel or the accused war criminal now leading that country. Can anyone imagine President Lieberman mediating impartially in the Middle East?
Taking Issue With Lieberman's Mideast Stand
Letter to the Hartford Courant, from Justine McCabe, 18 April 2002. If the Lieberman standard were to prevail in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, even more of my hard-earned tax money would be spent by an American-armed and aid-dependent Israel to massacre more innocent Palestinian civilians, to demolish more of their homes and civil society, and to commit more violations of the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the protection of civilian persons in time of war.
Senate Unlikely To Pass Pro-Israel Gesture
By David Lightman, The Hartford Courant, 19 April 2002. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, D-Conn., has been pushing a resolution or some tougher measure that would put the Senate on record in support of Israel. Three main reasons for senatorial reluctance to make such a view official. He sharply criticized the White House's demand that Israel withdraw its troops from the West Bank.
Helms and Lieberman—brothers under the sun in behalf of imperialism, racism and reaction
By Dave Silver, May 2002. One of the most virulently reactionary and racist US Senators, Jesse Helms, has joined forces with Senator Joe Lieberman to co-sponsor legislation that would subvert Cuba from within. Both Senators are close to the Christian Right, both are for increased military spending, both supported the Gulf War Resolution co-sponsored by Lieberman, both advocate support for Taiwan and both want to see social services slashed. Both support the draconian and Democratic orchestrated Anti-terrorist and Effective Death Penalty Act which denies habeas corpus rights to defendants and serves to increase the profits of the expanding Prison-Industrial Complex.
Security Agency, Yes, but Whose Version?
By David Firestone, The New York Times, 4 August 2002. In pushing for the Homeland Security Bill, Lieberman finds himself caught between Bush's fascist program and Democratic objections to it. When it comes to the attack on labor, Mr. Lieberman and other Democrats loyal to labor will have to decide how high a price to pay to recoup their investment in a reorganized government.
Lieberman Says He Supports Bush on Iraq: Warns of threat posed by Iraq's ‘rogue regime’
U.S. Embassy, Pubic Affairs section, Brussels, 16 September 2002. Lieberman's role in the pushing for war, and unquestioning support for Bush's attempt to justify a war against Iraq. U.S. should launch a preemptive strike despite the U.N. He brags that in 1997 and 1998 he supported the the plan to interfere in Iraq's internal affairs. He is grateful for Bush' propaganda campaign.
Carte Blanche: Congress capitulates to Bush's call for war
By Doug Ireland, In These Times, 11 October 2002. Lieberman raced to the White House to stand by Dubya to announce their co-sponsorship of the blank check for Dubya to declare war on Iraq whenever he felt like it. This deal with Bush guaranteed that Iraq will continue to dominate the news right through Election Day and suck the oxygen out of the bread-and-butter issues favored by Democrats.
Of Rising And Stalling Careers
By Stan Simpson, The Hartford Courant, 18 November 2002. Lieberman's presidential ambitions and his sliding popularity. Roland as potential opponent.
‘Democrat’ Isn't A Dirty Word
By Denis Horgan, The Hartford Courant, 15 January 2003. Democrat isn't a word Lieberman uses much about himself. The Democratic tradition has been pretty good for those who need help and cannot fight alone. Joe Lieberman has done well as a Democrat, and people have done well with him as a Democrat. It has been a good mix and it is puzzling that he doesn't claim it as a true and enduring virtue.
Lieberman Moves to Reassure Jewish Leaders
By Dan Balz and Alan Cooperman, Washington Post, Thursday 16 January 2003. Lieberman reassures American Jewish leaders that his trip to the Near East to improve his credibility in foreign affairs as presidential candidate was not a slackening in his support for a strong pro-Israel policy. He brags of being rude to Arafat. His unquestioning support for Bush. The Jewish community's discomfort with Lieberman's religiosity.
Big Business's Favorite Senator East of the Mississippi: Lieberman and the Secret Chamber
By Ralph Nader, Counterpunch, 4 August 2006. In supporting Senator Lieberman, the Chamber of Commerce wrote that “his cumulative voting score with the Chamber is the highest of any Democratic Senator in the Northeast.”
The Ghosts of Lieberman's Past
By Ralph Nader, Counterpoint, 5–6 August 2006. Unyielding support for Bush and the war is the albatross around Mr. Lieberman's neck. Lieberman's refusal to resign his Senate seat when he was nominated to be Gore's vice-president and allow a Connecticut Senate election which Democrat Attorney General Michael Blumenthal would have easily won. Lieberman has done little more than lift a finger for other Democrats challenging Republican incumbents.