The culture history of the state of Connecticut

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State Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Military Recruitment at University
By Brigitte Greenberg, Associated Press. 20 March 1996. Connecticut's highest court has ruled that the U.S. armed forces cannot recruit at the University of Connecticut Law School because the military discriminates against homosexuals.
F.W. de Klerk bows out of Yale fellowship following protests
By Brigitte Greenberg, AP, 12 March 1997. Former South African President F.W. de Klerk has decided not to take a fellowship at Yale Law School, where some students and faculty were promising to demonstrate if he showed up. The protesters said de Klerk should not be honored because he headed a violent, white supremacist regime and lied to South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Committee about his ties to violent elements in the former government.
Probe Uncovers Violations In Schools
By Rick Green, The Hartford Courant, 1 April 1999. Low-achieving students in East Hartford were illegally exempted from the high-stakes Connecticut Mastery Test while others have been placed in badly organized special education programs.
Housatonic Community College cancels Mid-East issues forum. Why?
By Robert Masterson, The Fairfield Weekly, 13 June 2002. The president of HCC's Black Student Union, Rupert Ranger, and the vice-president of the Association of Latin American Students, John Lugo, arranged a forum to present varied perspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Palestinian struggle for independence. A possible case of selective rule enforcement in order to stiffle open discussion of a controversial issue.