The United States in the 1970s (1969 - 1979)

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Review of William Bundy, A Tangled Web—The Making of Foreign Policy in the Nixon Presidency
By Garry Woodard, H-Net Reviews, 23 August 1999. The meticulous and compressed reconstruction of the South Asian crisis of 1971, and the wise reflections on the consequences it had in shaping enduring perceptions and is a continuing example of the fallacies and dangers of the Nixon-Kissinger approach.
Kissinger approved Argentinian ’dirty war’Declassified US files expose 1970s backing for junta
By Duncan Campbell, Los Angeles, The Guardian (London), Saturday 6 December 2003. Henry Kissinger gave his approval to the dirty war in Argentina in the 1970s. The revelations are likely to further damage Mr Kissinger’s reputation: he has already been implicated in war crimes, notably the 1973 Chilean coup.
New light shed over Watergate 30 years on
AFP, DAWN, 15 June 2002. WASHINGTON, June 14: Thirty years after the Watergate break-in scandal that led to president Richard Nixon’s 1974 resignation, the tools used by the burglars to break into and wiretap the Democratic party headquarters at the Watergate hotel complex were exposed to the media.
Why Nixon Fell
Editorial, Workers World, 19 August 1999. Tricky Dick, aka President Richard Nixon, Christmas bomber of Hanoi, secret warmaker in Cambodia, persecutor of the Black Panthers and author of the June 5th Conspiracy, resigned from office under duress 25 years ago this August. He had a record of scurrilous, red-baiting and racist campaigns.
Carter’s Less-Known Legacy
By Stephen Zunes, Common Dreams, 20 October 2002. Though criticism of Carter’s presidency has often centered upon his alleged weak governing, the sad truth was that his administration was a disaster when it came to the areas for which he is now best known: peace, international law and human rights.