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Date: Tue, 24 Oct 1995 00:09:47 -0400
Sender: Activists Mailing List <ACTIV-L@MIZZOU1.missouri.edu>
From: Harel Barzilai <harelb@math.cornell.edu>
Subject: MIMIA: Info from Snail Mail (by _Equal Justice USA_)
From schissel@lbbs.org Fri Oct 13 00:03 EDT 1995
Transcribed by Eric Schissel

Letter in support of Mumia Abu-Jamal

From Morton Sobell, 13 October 1995

Dear Friend,

In 1950, I was tried and convicted with Ethel and Julius Rosenberg for conspiracy charges whipped up by cold war, anti-communist hysteria. Three years later, from the depths of Alcatraz, I watched the U.S. government put Ethel and Julius to death. After I had served 19 long years in prison, FBI documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act revealed to the world that those prosecuting and judging the case -- including members of the U.S. Supreme Court -- had conspired to insure our wrongful convictions and Ethel's and Julius' death.

It is this personal experience with state repression that compels me to write to ask your support for black journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal. Like the Rosenbergs and myself, Mumia's conviction was based on the testimony of suspect government witnesses, and his political associations and beliefs were used to criminalize him and secure a death sentence.

I remember how Julius had found solace in his understanding that the struggle against their frame-up -- even if it failed to save their lives -- would help prevent such injustice in the future.

Please help carry forward Ethel's and Julius' fight by joining me in supporting Equal Justice USA's campaign to save Mumia from execution and to win him a new trial! The campaign needs your financial and activist involvement.

I can think of no better way for you and me to honor the Rosenbergs' memory than by making sure what happened to them, doesn't happen to Mumia. I'll be looking to hear from you soon.


Morton Sobell