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From: Debra Floyd <dfloyd@igc.apc.org>

An invitation to subscribe to The Malcolm-X List

African American News Service, The Malcolm-X List, 6 May 1997

On Monday, May 19, 1997, the Malcolm-X discussion list will be formally announced and opened to the world. This postings is a special invitation to become a Charter Member by subscribing today.

The Malcolm X list (MALCOLM-X) is a discussion list devoted to all aspects pertaining to the life, philosophy and influences of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz -- Malcolm X.

Hence, "The Malcolm-X list" welcomes discussions of topics directly related to the writings, speeches, taped recordings, photographs, movies, documentaries and the numerous books and articles written about Malcolm X.

The purpose of this list is to identify, examine and separate the myths about Malcolm X from his actual philosophical beliefs and values and to develop a clearer understanding of his works. Malcolm X has come to symbolize power, solidarity and self-empowerment within the Black community. As this millennium draws to a close, it becomes more compelling to understand the agents of change which have shaped African Americans' thought, rhetorical bases and collective actions within the confines of Western culture. The icon "X" has come to signify one man's words and ideals. It is important that Malcolm X's concepts and ideas of group empowerment, rebellion against injustice and the ultimate refusal to assimilate, not be overshadowed by commercial exploitation and other romantic notions of Malcolm X.

Who should participate?

This list will welcome young people, students, admirers, organizers, scholars and those interested in the life, philosophy and collective actions of Malcolm X. Pride of place will be given to contributions that foster a better understanding of: Malcolm X's objectives and underlying philosophy; his commitment to humanitarianism, his perseverance for freedom, justice, peace, brotherhood, and the union of mankind; his staunch belief in Islam; his social and political sensitivity, as well as his unequaled insights into human nature and race relations. This list also invites those who may want to share and discuss the view of Malcolm X as a "militant troublemaker," making a minimal contribution to the overall society. It is the Moderator's belief that all views of Malcolm X should be openly heard, analyzed and discussed.

The Malcolm-X list will also discuss the theoretical actions of "what Malcolm X would say and/or do" about the current state of affairs facing people of colour, especially Black people in America. This "hypothetical" projection should be based on documented sources to support your analysis, ideas, theories and suggestions. However, there is room for saying "what you think" and to pose questions on all aspects of these discussion.

In addition, as a resource to its members, the Malcolm-X list will seek to continuously identify the thousands of resources, materials, organizations and Internet sites revolving around the life and memory of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz -- Malcolm X.

To subscribe to the Malcolm X list, send an e-mail message to:


In the body of the message place the command:

SUBSCRIBE MALCOLM-X "your Full name" (without the quotation marks)

For Example:

Subject :
------------------- Message Text ------------------------
SUBSCRIBE Malcolm-X George Breitman

For addition information about the Malcolm-X list send and e-mail message to:


I welcome your subscription.

F. Leon Wilson
Malcolm-X List Owner