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Subject: !*Richard Wrights Book Black Boy under attack in Jacksonville FL.
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)From: Susan1218@aol.com
)Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 23:51:24 -0400 (EDT)
)Subject: Richard Wrights Book Black Boy under attack in Jacksonville FL.

Richard Wrights Book Black Boy under attack in Jacksonville FL

By Susan Burnett
22 May 1997

We need your support in this terrible case of censorship of Richard Wright's books, Black Boy and attack on Native Son.

On May 6th. Richard Wright's book Black Boy was removed from the shelves at Jean Renault HS in Jacksonville FL as from all schools. This was done at the request of a Reverend Dale Shaw (his telephone number 904-730-3994 in a three minute speech at a school board meeting. Ms Carolyn Kantor Fax 904-348-7885 Tel 904-348-7880 is the person in charge of the committee currently reviewing the book and a decision as to whether it should continue to be available to Jacksonville students is expected within a week to ten days.

Mrs Zilahy, Chairman of the English Department, was threatened with dismissal because she assigned this book. (Historically Black Boy has been assigned in the Junior year since at least 1971 with no controversy

We ask that you send you faxes and concerns and support to Mr. Cameron and Mrs. Zilahy ( Fax 904-730-3994 with copies to Mrs. Kantor and the Florida Times Union Fax 904-356-8486

Perhaps calls the Rev. Shaw would also be helpful
Rev. Shaw

The issue is that anyone can come to the Board and attack a book and it is removed from all school shelves until it is reviewed. It has also been revealed that Native Son another of Richard Wrights' books is under attack. Before it can be assigned or loaned out from the school library, parents must sign a permission slip.

Pass this on and do what you can.

Please send copies of your e-mails to Susan1218@aol.com and fax copies of your letters to 203-846-1937

Thank you

Susan Burnett