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Date: 07 Jun 97 11:23:18 EDT
From: "Baruti M.D.S. Kamau" <110125.3614@CompuServe.COM>
To: list
Subject: BWN ISSUE 4, VOLUME 1
Message-ID: <970607152318_110125.3614_IHR52-4@CompuServe.COM>

Attack on Rap Music

By Peter D. Slaughter, Barutiwa Weekly News
7-14 June 1997

Since the murders of 2PAC and Biggie Smalls I've noticed all of the propaganda that has escalated against Rap Music and the Hip Hop Culture. As a Black man in this country I would like to set the record straight once and for all...I'm a 37 year old rap fan who has enjoyed and supported rap music and the hip hop culture, since the commercial days of cuts like "King Tim III" and "Rappers Delight". Since then, rap music and the hip hop culture has continuously been under attack by the racist media structure of this country and people of the so-called "middle class", both white and black. In the beginning many thought that rap music was just another American commercial fad that would soon go away. But after more than twenty-five years it has sustained its voice as a natural phenomena of Black people.

Rap music from the start was designed to stop the violence and to keep peace among youthful gang members But now, because of racist Whites and Eurocentric-minded Blacks who lack understanding of rap and its different messages, much confusion and distortion concerning this art form has resulted. Based on what is happening now with the murders of two of the biggest "so-called" gangster rap stars and the jailing of "labeled" gangster rap king pin, Suge Knight, the racist media of this country has jumped aboard the band wagon in saying that these two young Black men deserve to die the way they did, simply for what they were promoting in the lyrics of their songs.

When we talk about gangsterism, gangsters, and OG's let us talk about the real gangsters in the history of this racist country. Let's go ask the American so-called "Indian" about who gangstered and pimped them out of their land. Let's talk about the first "Mob" that came to the continent of Africa and kidnapped an entire race of people for the purpose of working a stolen land for free. People like 2PAC, Biggie Smalls, and Suge Knight were just imitating the real OG's that stole this country by mocking the lifestyle that has been glorified in this country, and taught since their birth. Anything that these individuals might have done or may have rapped about is microscopic in comparison to what the forefathers of this country, "the original gangsters" have done. Smoking a blunt, drinking a 40oz, and selling drugs has never been the activity of a real gangster!!

The macho image that Black men have of themselves is a distorted image that comes from a White supremacist male point of view. Since the days of being brought (rather bought) here as slaves, Black males have never had their own definition or model of being a Black man. Their original identity was lynched, castrated, beaten and driven out of them. A new European macho image was forced upon them. It has become the standard model for people both male and female to survive on a global level. We're seeing this image manifest itself right before our eyes, and now two more victims who went overboard with it are getting blamed for their own deaths.

White people in this country are always hollering and complaining about Blacks and their cries of racism. Let's look at the real history of what's been going on concerning rap music. A lot of confusion has been promoted by the media, along with many rappers who are obligated and driven by the major record labels and distributers to maintain this image. As usual Blacks have been set-up to be the major scapegoats. A good percentage of young Black males are now in prison because of this negative promotion and programming by the racist media structure in America. As long as I've been listening to rap music, anything positive and pro-Black concerning rap music has always been attacked and labeled as racist, homophobic, or anti-semitic. Groups like "Public Enemy," "The Poor Righteous Teachers," "Brand Nubian," "X-Clan," and "A Tribe Called Quest" have all experienced extreme criticism because of the content of their music. However, the promotion of the gangster of the week has never been a real problem.

It is obvious that it has always been the racist, bias media and greedy record executives that has had plenty of Black helpers to create the demand and market for this gangster madness. Since two of the biggest rap stars, so-called gangsters, have been killed all sorts of people have jumped on the bandwagon of blaming the victim. Both of these young BLACK MEN were victims of racist American so-called democracy, "No Justice, No Peace". Two BLACK MEN WHO WANTED A PIECE OF THE American Dream. Two brothers who got caught up in the illusionary hype, willing to do anything to attain it. Look where it got both of them in the end. Ultimately, blamed for conditions that they did not have any control in creating. It's no wonder that a major generation gap exist between the elders of the civil rights era and today's hip-hop culture. Parents cannot even relate or understand their own flesh and blood as the negative aspects of rap music become ever-increasingly promoted and accepted as the norm in mainstream society. Rap groups that attempted to bridge these gaps by placing positive messages in their lyrics or their image have not and will not ever get a chance to truly represent themselves. Anything concerning culture and art that has been invented by the indigenous Africans born in "america" has been stolen, exploited or co-opted by this White supremacy system/culture (individual and global). This is really the problem concerning the cause of all this violence in rap music. You have to wonder, who is really doing the killings?

This racist attack on rap music and the hip-hop culture is a big joke, and anybody that is believing the hype coming from the media is being misled, as usual!