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Date: 15 Aug 97 15:08:48 EDT
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Young Moslems are coming together

By news staff of Barutiwa Weekly News, Vol. 1, no. 10
16-23 August 1997

Cincinnati, Ohio (BNS): On Friday, August 9, Editor-in-Chief of Barutiwa Newspaper talked with radio host/commentator, Ishaq Nadir, about the desire of young African American Muslims to impinge on the social process.

Mr. Nadir, who presents ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVES every Friday night on 88.3 FM, believes that it will be young African American Muslims who will make a difference. "Young African American leaders must be universal and inclusive while simultaneously remain independent in thought," explains Ishaq Nadir.

Mr. Kamau and Mr. Nadir, two young men, discussed ways on how young activists can use the internet as a way of communicating and promoting their work to the larger world.

One subject Mr. Nadir is promoting is the Islamic Perspectives radio show. The purpose of the show, according to Mr. Nadir, is to "clean up misconceptions about Al-Islam in society and to promote the work of Imam Warith Deen Muhammad [the son and successor to the late Elijah Muhammad (1976)]."

In an effort to convey Islam both young men agreed that when propagating Islam among African Americans a distinction must be made between the true Islam and the ramblings of Louis Farrakhan. Those of you who have followed the various writings of Baruti Muhammadu D.S. Kamau are aware that Louis Farrakhan refuses to recognize the veracity of our Noble Qur'an.

For more information concerning Islam visit the following web sites:

http://www.albany.edu/~ha 4934/sisters.html

or send e-mail to editor.barutiwa.news@usa.net.