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Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 04:08:16 -0400
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From: Los Angeles Black Radical Congress <brc_la@email.com>
Subject: Statement Regarding Death Warrant for Mumia Abu-Jamal
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Mumia Abu-Jamal—Death Warrant Signed

Statement of the Black Radical Congress, 18 October 1999

Many who are familiar with the attempt to murder Mumia Abu-Jamal at the hands of the "Criminal Justice System" registered shock, grief, and anger after hearing the news that Pennsylvania Governor Thomas Ridge has signed a death warrant for Mumia. The signing of this death warrant signals that the stakes have been raised in the battle to save Mumia Abu-Jamal's life and the state's attempt to kill him. This development also signals for those who have been involved in efforts to obtain justice for Mumia, the urgent need to escalate our efforts. A loud and united voice MUST send forth the message that people will not capitulate in their efforts to stop the execution of Mumia. Our efforts MUST proceed with the utmost determination.

It has been repeatedly stated that justice denied to Mumia is justice denied to us all. Mumia's execution will confirm resonantly for many Black people in this country that no Black person has any rights that this country is obligated to respect. This is the main issue here and we should not lose sight of this historic fact. The predicament that Mumia finds himself, is reflective of the of day to day injustices that Black men and women in this society have had to endure since their enslavement and subsequent second class status in the U.S. Everyday in this nation's courts, Black people without the means to make excessive bail and who are too poor to retain effective counsel, are at the mercy of racist judges and juries. Recent repressive legislation has given state courts the green light to deprive Black men and women of constitutional and human rights.

For many in our communities, Mumia's situation sets no precedent. However, what is particular about Mumia's case, is his consistent refusal to allow this blatant injustice to go unheard. And due to the tremendous outpouring of support for Mumia, he is being used as an example to those who would dare challenge this racist and class based system. In other words silencing Mumia is an attempt by the state to silence the unruly, the outspoken, and the dreamers of a new society.

The Black Radical Congress calls forth all progressive forces in this country in general and the Black community in particular, to transcend ideological differences, in order to unite and surpass the momentum of the state's executioners. The Black Radical Congress recognizes that the gravity of Mumia's current situation dictates that we magnify our efforts in calling attention to Mumia's plight, and continue mobilizing all those who will suffer from the ramifications of this great injustice that is being orchestrated by repressive forces in this country, so that we may bring pressure to bear in attaining justice for Mumia Abu-Jamal.


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