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Subject: Harlem—Battling to Honor Malcolm X
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Thema: Harlem—Battling to Honor Malcolm X
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Battling to Honor Malcolm X

By Amadi Ajamu, New York NY, 30 April 2001

As real estate developers and mega businesses enter Harlem, grassroots community organizations see themselves being pushed out. In a move some see as calculated, The New York City Police Dept has denied a permit for the 12th Annual Malcolm X Birthday March down Harlem's 125th Street corridor on May 19th. The annual march has become a tradition with Harlem community and with small business owners who have closed their doors every year out of respect for Malcolm X's legacy and the people of Harlem.

The annual march draws participants from all over the region. Buses loads are expected from New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Baltimore, joining New Yorkers from every borough to Honor the legacy of Malcolm X on this 76th anniversary of his birth. March organizers said The streets of Harlem gave birth to Malcolm X's political life and vow to sue the city for the permit in court.

Omowale Clay, a spokesman for Malcolm X New Millennium Committee, the coalition of community organizations stated, Malcolm is only preceded by Marcus Garvey in terms of being a voice for the urban masses. He further stated that Celebrating Malcolm is an international issue, and for African people it speaks directly to the ability of us to control our lives.

The New York City Police Department stated that another group, the Harlem Business Improvement District (BID) was given a permit for an activity on 125th Street on the same day this year. BID, which is administering Harlem's development efforts, consistently represents multi-national corporations. The question is why is BID suddenly so interested in Malcolm X? The fact of the matter is, BID is merely a surrogate for the new mega businesses like Old Navy, Walt Disney, and Rite Aid who are leery of the annual store closing tradition and seek to undermine the event. Community activists see these developments as just another attack against Black people and small shop owners in Harlem who are systematically being priced out of Harlem. BID is trying to bring downtown uptown and is selling out our community and our culture in the process said Dave Daniels, a Harlem resident and March organizer.

The March organizers emphasize the fact that they have held the march for the past 12 years with no problems, It is as traditional as the Saint Patrick's Day Parade down 5th Avenue every year. The NYPD would not think of granting another group a permit for that same day. This is reminiscent of the controversial Million Youth March held in Harlem in 1998, stated Attorney Roger S. Wareham. Wareham was the attorney for the MYM, and will be representing the Malcolm X Marchers. Mayor Giuliani has politicized the NYPD. There is no basis to deny this permit, they are trying to disrupt a 12 year precedent and we will see them in court.

Omowale Clay said The tradition of celebrating Malcolm and what he stood for plays itself out in the real life battle for the direction of Harlem.