The Port Chicago Mutiny (August 1944)

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The Port Chicago Mutiny
By Monica Moorehead, in Workers World, The Port Chicago Mutiny of 1944, in response to Jim Crow in the miliary, was the largest mass mutiny trial in U.S. naval history.
The Still Untold Story Of NBC's Mutiny
By Earl Hutchinson. In 1944, Navy seamen who were Black were assigned to duty more likely to lead to their death than the assignments of white seamen. The result was the Port Chicago Mutiny. This is the story hidden by the NBC popularization of the event, concerning the difficulties faced by the men long after.
The Port Chicago Mutiny
The History Channel, n.d. The munition ship explosion in Port Chicago in July 1944 was the biggest homefront disaster of World War II and resulted in an amazing 15% of all black casualties sustained during the war. Black munitions loaders were blamed, rather than the white officers. 258 ammunition loaders—all of whom were black—refused to return to work considered too dangerous for white sailors.