African-American church bombings from 1995

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Black Church Burnings: Research Report Hate Groups: Hate Crimes in Nine Southern States
By Center for Democratic Renewal, June 1996. A summary of information on a) recent hate crimes in nine southern states, b) lists of hate organizations in those states, c) chronology of church firebombings.
Outrage over rash of Black church fires
World Combined Sources, People's Weekly World, 25 May 1996. Concerning the recent spate of firebombings that began in January 1995
53 Black Churches Firebombed
By R. Perez, 13 May 1996. On May 8, 1996, the Center for Constitutional Rights hosted a briefing on the Black church firebombings.
The Burning of the Black Churches
By Hugh B. Price, President, National Urban League, in To be Equal, 21 June 1996. Another reaction to the recent set of church burnings.
Black church fires
Editorial, Boston Globe, 5 July 1996. Haters may be discovering what both pastors and university researchers already know: Church attendance among black youth is a better indicator of who will escape poverty and despair than family structure or other single variables.