Rosa Parks (1913–2006

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Rosa Parks and E. D. Nixon
By Dr. Ronald Walters, The Black World Today. [15 June 1999]. The mythology is that it was the character of Rosa Parks that was the spark which lit the fuse of the Montgomery Bus Boycott out of which came the entire Civil Rights movement. Although something can be said for this interpretation in general, it covers up a more complex truth.
The Real Rosa Parks
By Paul Rogat Loeb, ZNet Commentary, 14 March 2000. The standard rendition of Rosa Park's story strips the Montgomery boycott of its context. Parks didn't make a spur-of-the-moment decision; she didn't single-handedly give birth to the civil rights efforts, but was part of an existing movement for change.
Rosa Parks
By Stephanie A. Crockett, 7 February 2003. Brief biographical information.
Other mothers, other movements
By Mumia Abu-Jamal, Workers World, 11 November 2005. Mrs. Parks rightly deserved the accolades and honors heaped upon her. But Mrs. Parks wasn't the first Black woman who refused to give her seat to a white man or was arrested for refusing to do so.
US Civil Rights Icon Rosa Parks Dead at 92
Radio Havana Cuba, 25 October 2005. African-American civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks, whose refusal to give up her bus seat to a white man in 1955 sparked a movement to end legally imposed racial segregation in the United States, has died in Detroit. She was 92.