Dr. Lenora Fulani

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The masquerade is over for Lenora Fulani
By Frank Chapman, People's Weekly World, 1 November 1997. Dr. Lenora Fulani, a product of the Fred Newman's psycho-cult, recruits Black support of white right-wing white political candidates.
An ADL Backgrounder on the Reform Party and two of its leading proponents, Fred Newman and Leonora Fulani
ADL Backgrounder, 25 October 1999. In recent months, the Reform Party has benefited from increasing public attention. It could be the latest vehicle in the pursuit of political power by the now-defunct New Alliance Party (NAP) and its former leaders: Fred Newman and Lenora Fulani, who have become major players in it.
Black Folk, Reject Fulani and Buchanan!
By Charles Barron, 15 November 1999. What kind of alternative to the two party system is needed? Fulani promotes rich white males: Fred Newman, Tom Galisano, Abe Herschfield, Ross Perot, and now arch racist conservative Pat Buchanan for President.
What You Don't Know About Lenora Fulani Could Hurt You
By David Grann, The New Republic, 13 December 1999. Fred Newman and Lenora Fulani once led an alleged cult. Now they're power brokers in the race for president. “Pat Buchanan gets jiggy with a former socialist,” enthused Tony Snow of Fox News Channel, after Fulani officially endorsed Buchanan.
The Strange Career of Dr. Lenora Fulani
Ron Daniels, 23 December 1999. Fulani endorses Pat Buchanan's campaign to become the Reform Party's candidate for President in the 2000 election. Dr. Fulani never played any significant role in the independent Black political movement, but is a Black female face used by a predominantly white organization to establish a base in the Black community for its own political agenda.
Mayor Denounces Ally's Remarks on Israel
By Winnie Hu, New York Times, 16 April 2005. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg yesterday condemned inflammatory remarks about Jews attributed to a political ally, Lenora B. Fulani. Jews had to “function as mass murderers of people of color” to keep Israel. Dr. Fulani refuses to disavow the remarks.