Contemporary African American history 2003–2005

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Nation's Largest Black Labor Organization Condemns President Bush's ‘Undeclared Domestic War on Diversity.’
By William Lucy, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, 16 April 2003. Declaring that President Bush should stop using black members of his administration as ‘ornaments of diversity’ to disguise his contempt for affirmative action programs.
Youth of color rally to defend affirmative action
By Julie Fry, Workers World, 24 April 2003. The U.S. Supreme Court on April 1 heard oral arguments in two cases that could decide the fate of affirmative action at universities and colleges throughout the country.
African Americans in peril under the Patriot Act
Opinion by Tammy Johnson, People's Weekly World, 26 November 2003. The Patriot Act is a dangerous extension of unjust policies and practices that put all people of color in jeopardy. Blacks know that you don't have to be a ‘foreigner’ to be labeled an enemy of the state. So laws that imprison ndividuals without stating a clear charge or providing access to an attorney send up red flags.
National oppression and the struggle for socialism
Except from the talk given by Monica Moorehead at the New York Workers World Party Black History Month forum on Feb. 20, Workers World, 4 March 2004. My questions on the origins of racism began to be answered once I met the Prisoners Solidarity Committee, a mass unit of Workers World Party. My introduction to the Party would eventually begin my journey of helping to put my personal experiences within a worldwide political context.
Rhythm & Business: God, Money and the Black Vote
By Norman Kelley, Rhythm & Business, 27 October 2004. Rev. Creflo Dollar, an Atlanta-based minister and arguably the most successful black millionaire/evangelist, with his prosperity theology as an expression of far right politics.
Black Nationalism/CLR James and the Big Lie
By Melvin P., 11 October 2004. CLR James' “The Historical Development of the Negro in the United States,” is utterly devoid of Leninism and contains not one drop of Marxism. CLR James' writings on the Negro Question are the supreme act of political buffoonery.
A Message to My Sistas
By Assata Shakur, 11 March 2005. Black poeple will nver be free unless Black women participate in every aspect of our struggle, on every level of our struggle.
Millions More Movement: The Quest for a ‘Movement’
By Glen Ford and Peter Gamble, The Black Commentator, Issue 155, 20 October 2005. We must go back home and organize as never before. But for what? More support to the Democrats who, along with the Republicans, are gentrifying the Black Community? The Millions More Movement achieved a mass reaffirmation of the existence of an African American polity.