The Chattanooga 3

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National Campaign Launched Against State Laws That Violate Free Speech
National Committee to defend the Chattanooga 3 press release, 13 July 1999. Charging that laws in several states violate the First Amendment right of free speech, supporters of three black activists who face prison for protesting against police brutality have started a national campaign to overturn these laws.
A call for a mass march on Chattanooga, Tennessee
By Lorenzo Ervin, 13 February 2000. The International Committee to Support the Chattanooga 3, the Concerned Citizens for Justice, Black Autonomy-COPWATCH, and other making up the Ad Hoc Coalition Against Racism and Police Brutality call for a demonstration in Chattanooga on March 18, 2000. We are planning demonstrations and protests against police brutality.
No Justice; Disturbing the Peace
By Jordan Green, Southern Exposure, [28 July 2000]. The Chattanooga Three are demanding police accountability—and changing a state-wide law that may threaten everyone's free speech.