Amadu Diallo

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Justice for Amadou Diallo!
A Statement of the Metro New York Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, adopted by membership vote 26 February 2000. Every Black person—young Black men in particular—cannot but feel that they also are a potential target of police terror.
Fury at police shooting verdict
By Michael Ellison in New York, The Guardian, 26 February 2000. Anger spilled on to the streets of New York last night after a jury cleared four white policemen of murdering an unarmed black street trader.
The Black Radical Congress Condemns the Acquittal of Four Police Officers in the Murder of Amadou Diallo
Black Radical Congress press release, 28 February 2000. The acquittal of the officers in the vicious and inhumane murder of young African immigrant Amadou Diallo is a license for continued police terror in Black and poor communities across this country.