African-American film

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Culture under fire: When we were kings
By Curly Cohen, 1 May 1997. The documentary, ‘When We Were Kings,’ by director Leon Gast, brings to life a 23-year-old snapshot of a remarkable era of a struggle for justice. Gast weaves together an always-incredible Muhammad Ali.
Spike Lee (1957– ): Filmaker
From The African American Almanac, 7th ed. (Gale, 1997). From his earliest days as a student filmmaker to his $33 million epic Malcolm X and beyond, Lee has shown a willingness to tackle prickly issues of relevance to the black community—and has savored every ounce of controversy his films invariably produce.
Spike Lee, ‘Bamboozled’ Review
By Kelwyn Wright, 14 November 2000. It is a litmus test movie, with something to offend just about everybody. Bamboozled cuts deep, and then throws salt on the wound. A very serious film that dredges up the uncomfortable question, ‘What are we REALLY mad about?’ And, more importantly, What are we going to do about it?