African-American superstition

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Islam on the Rise Among African Americans
By Leslie Goffe, IPS, 19 September 1999. Today the Muslim mosque is vying for the major political role in the life of millions of African Americans. Islam is the fastest-growing religion among black people in the US. Two different brands of the religion are vying for converts: one is led by Louis Farrakhan; the other is Wallace D. Mohammed, leader of the moderate Muslim American Society.
Rival U.S. Black Muslim Groups Reconcile
By William Claiborne, Washington Post, Saturday 26 February 2000. Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and his onetime bitter enemy, Muslim American Society leader Wallace Deen Mohammed, today celebrated a symbolic reunification of their rival black Muslim factions. Mainstream Muslims are moving closer to embracing the group led by Farrakhan.
A Tale of Two Religions; One Black, One White
By Minister Paul Scott, 26 September 2001. Our enslaved ancestors knew that the religion of the oppressor could never be the religion of the oppressed. This is very important for Afrikan people to remember during times of national turmoil when the descendents of the enslaved and the descendents of the enslavers are asked to stand side by side and sing Kumbya as they pray for the nation.
What the Black Church Must Do in 2002
By Minister Paul Scott, 25 December 2001. The Black church is at a crucial point in its history, whether it will be that pillar of strength which it was at its apex or if it will remain the Sunday morning social club that many have become since the Civil Rights Era.
Freedom Rider: Uncle Toms and Turncoats
By Margaret Kimberley, The Black Commentator, Issue 130, 17 March 2005. We are awash in good-for-nothing sell out colored preachers. The growing number of black ministers who make a political and financial calculation to ally themselves with this most corrupt and unrighteous administration.
Anti-Choice Black Clergy Charge Genocide
By Erika Beras, WeNews correspondent, Womens ENews, 5 August 2006. The abortion topic is as controversial in the black community as in any other segment of the population. The Republican-led push against abortion may have made inroads among black groups, it is still outside the political mainstream.