African-Americans and radio

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Attack on Black liberation radio
By Lorenzo Komboa Ervin, 4 December 1996. History of the community-based radio that offers an important organizing tool, the 90’s equivalent of the underground press of the 1960’s. Repression by the FCC. Includes an article about repression of BLR in Decatur, IL.
Samori Marksman Revolutionary PanAfricanist Journalist Died Today
From S. E. Anderson, 23 March 1999. Samori Marksman, radio producer and Program Director of WBAI Pacifica Radio in New York City died today, March 23, 1999. He was a longtime revolutionary Panafricanist journalist who fought the Good Fight and always made sure that his radio programs and WBAI in general spoke Truth to Power.
Black Power Through Low-Power Radio: If It Can Happen in Greenville, South Carolina …
By Bruce Dixon, Counterpunch, 14 June 2007. WMXP-LP Greenville's broadcast range is only about 3.5 miles, but its impact is enormous. Owned and operated by the Malcolm X Grassroots Organization in that city, it's one of many stations Prometheus and its allies aim to assist progressive organizations around the country in creating.