The Tawana Brawley Case (November 1997)

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Tawana Brawley speaks out
By Pat Chin, Workers World, 18 December 1997. Tawana Brawley ended a 10-year silence about her case. Brawley charged that in November 1987 six white men had abducted, raped and tortured her over the course of four days. A 1988 grand jury concluded that Brawley made up the story of being abducted and raped. It also exonerated DA Pagones and others, calling the incident a hoax.
Holmes on Brawley suit: An attempt to silence protest
By Sharon Ayling, Workers World, 5 March 1998. Dutchess County Assistant District Attorney Steven Pagones' lawsuit against three civil-rights leaders, the Rev. Al Sharpton, C. Vernon Mason, and Alton Maddox, who acted as advisors to Tawana Brawley 10 years ago is an attempt to silence protest.
Racist aftermath of Brawley case: Civil Rights activists face hugh fines
By Pat Chin, Workers World, 30 July 1998. Tawana Browley had accused Assistant District Attorney Steven Pagones as one of six white men who had abducted, raped and tortured her. Another, she said, had flashed a badge. Now a jury in the Tawana Brawley libel case finds the civil rights activists guilty of defaming Pagones.