The Million Youth Marches
(from 5 September 1998)

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A Million Youths to March Down Fifth Avenue (NYC)
Call from Khallid Abdul Muhammad, 26 February 1998. Black nationalist Khallid Abdul Muhammad is urging New Yorkers & the world to prepare for a gathering of up to three million young people and their elders this September.
NYPD to deny permit to Million Youth March; group defiant
By Timothy Williams, Associated Press, The Bergen Record (New Jersey), 24 August 1999. A second Million Youth March in Harlem in December will proceed despite lack of permit.
Sept. 5th Million Youth March
By Louis Project, 1 September 1998. The march was originally blocked by Mayor Guliani who labeled Muhammed as a racial demagogue. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Muhammed was recruited into the Nation out of the Black Panther Party in the 1970s, which expelled him; he was not happy with their accomodationist posture.
Defying New York mayor. . . Million Youth March moves forward
By Greg Butterfield, Workers World, 3 September 1998. Organizers of the Million Youth March took Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and the New York Police Department to court Aug. 21 for refusing to issue them a permit to march in Harlem on Sept. 5. They say the march will go on no matter what the outcome of an Aug. 26 federal court hearing.
Some initial thoughts on the just concluded Million Youth March in Harlem
By Dave Silver, 5 September 1998. In viewing the Million Youth March (M.Y.M.) we must avoid treating the question of class problems as racial ones. At the same time the question of African-American liberation is not only a special question but it also assumes a centrality to the class struggle and for democracy generally.
Police acts of terrorism bring true hate message to Harlem
By Sis. Marpessa Kupendua, News Service [10 September 1998]. Offers an eye witness account of events. The publisher appends to this important article two associated messages.
Cops riot: Racist attack on Million Youth March
By Vanessa Lewis, Workers World, 17 September 1998. The Sept. 5 Million Youth March was scheduled to end at 4 p.m. here in Harlem. As final speaker Khalid Muhammad ended his remarks a mob of police in riot gear stormed and occupied the stage. There they viciously beat and clubbed people.
The Millionth March
By Maximillian Nomad, 2 September 1999. A Million Marches (each with Millions of us Marching) over Millions of Miles with Millions of Messages means Millions of Wasted Hours if those Millions don't have a clear agenda with what they're Marching for.
Black Nationalists Stir Tension in New York
By Farhan Haq and Kerstin Marx, InterPress Service, 1 September 1999. African American militants are planning to march Saturday in the Manhatten's famous Harlem area, just one year after a similar demonstration ended in a brief clash with police that sparked racial tensions.
Million Youth March electrifies Brooklyn community
By Johnnie Stevens, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, Workers World, 18 September 2003. Thousands of shoppers and workers welcomed the Fifth annual Million Youth March at Fulton and Nostrand on Sept. 6. The MYM organizers had been in battle with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the New York Police Department for months over the right to have a permitted march and location. This battle impacted the outreach efforts.