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Retrospective history of the U.S. working class from World War II through the Kirkland era

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   History of the U.S. working class
Wartime AFL-CIO Corporatism
Chris Lowe, on the AfrLabor list. 16 September, 1995. AFL-CIO and World War II era labor-management cooperation.
The Story of The Searchlight, the voice of the Chevrolet worker
By Ronda Hauben. 1996. The rank-and-file newspaper of UAW Local 659, Flint MI, from 1942 into the '50s.
Ben Rathbun, The Point Man: Irving Brown and the deadly post-1945 struggle for Europe and Africa
Review by Lenni Brenner, 17 June 1999. A right wing defense, associated with Albert Shanker, of Lane Kirkland and Irving Brown, who played a central role in the AFL's CIA-funded post-WWII fight against French trade unions.
A new biography of Walter Reuther of the UAW by Nelson Lichtenstein
Press Release. 26 September, 1995. Walter Reuther was president of the UAW 1946-1970.
Review of Stanley Aronowitz & William DiFazio, The Futureless Job
By D. Shniad, June, 1995.
Legacy of Reaction: Kirkland & and Cold War
By Milt Neidenberg, Workers World, 26 August 1999.
Will the AFL-CIO's New Leaders Change its Old Cold War Policies?
By David Bacon, 29 October 1995. The AFL-CIO convention in 1995 that deposed Lane Kirckland.
Labor Day 1995: Turning potential into workers' power
By Shannon Spence, in Workers World, 6 September, 1995. Argues that 1995 marks the opening of a new era for labor.
The Edifice Complex: Rebuilding the American Labor Movement to Face the Global Economy
Publication announcement by the Labor Research Association. 19 October, 1995.
The Political Consequences of Declining Unionism
By Oren M. Levin-Waldman, in Cleveland Plain Dealer, 1 September, 1997. Exclusive focus on economic issues here criticized because labor needs to develop political power to shape the future in accord with its interest.
Lane Kirkland, Former A.F.L-C.I.O. Head, Dies at 77
By William Serrin, New York Times, 15 August 1999.
Lane Kirkland Eulogy
By Ellen Starbird, 15 August 1999. Lane Kirkland as a tragic figure.

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