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History of AFL-CIO conventions

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   History of the AFL-CIO in general

The AFL-CIO 1995 Convention

Election Notes, Sweeny 2
New Voice Campaign Fax. Members of the New Voice coalition submit to the AFL-CIO the resolutions and constitutional amendments necessary to enact their historic platform for AFL_CIO leadership change during the October convention.
AFL-CIO Convention in perspective
By Fred Gaboury, People's Weekly World, 11 November 1995. For the first time in its 100-year history, the AFL-CIO chose its officers in a contested election. And, for the first time ever, the AFL-CIO, headed by John J. Sweeney, Richard Trumka, and Linda Chavez-Thompson, is led by men and women with first-hand experience running strikes and organizing campaigns.
Voices from the AFL-CIO convention
By Judith Le Blanc, People's Weekly World, 11 November 1995. Positive reflections on the convention's new direction.
AFL-CIO Convention: Recycling the Sellouts; Labor Traitors vs. Class Struggle
In The Spartacist, 13 November 1995. An attack on organized labor and its leadership at the convention: The all-sided assault on people's rights and living conditions is responsibility of the American labor bureaucracy whose hand-picked delegates assembled under the chandeliers of the New York Sheraton.
A Turning Point for the Labor Movement
By Milt Neidenberg, Workers World, 9 November 1995. History will record that the 21st AFL-CIO Convention was a turning point--the beginning of a movement of unorganized, poorly paid workers of many nationalities, many of them women, in sweatshops, offices and service-oriented workplaces.

The AFL-CIO 1997 Convention

Organize for Change: AFL-CIO convention lays out plan of action
By Shelley Ettinger, in Workers World, 2 October 1997. The opening of the convention and events leading up to it.
Union Time
By JoAnn Wypijewski, commentary in the Nation, 3 October 1997. The opening scene of eighty rank-and-filers reporting on unionization victories involving tens of thousands animated the mantra "Organize, Mobilize, Energize" in a way that the most ardent of Sweeney's promoters could not have done two years ago, but behind the surface, the old rift is as real as ever.
AFL-CIO Convention charts path to future
By Fred Gaboury, People's Weekly World, 4 October 1997. The 870 delegates took a hard look at the direction of the labor movement, reflected on the considerable progress made since election of the leadership team of John J. Sweeney, Richard L. Trumka and Linda Chavez-Thompson in 1995 and, at the same time, charted a path toward the new millennium.
Inside the AFL-CIO Convention - Sep. 22, 1997
By Mary Boyd and Dan Gursky, AFT, 24 September 1997. Official AFT perspective on the convention. AFT and the focus on organizing; Gore's presence and electoral activism.
Inside the AFL-CIO Convention--Sept. 24, 1997.
By Mary Boyd and Dan Gursky, 24 September 1997. Another AFT report, which proved rather controversial. While it usefully reports on the education aspect of the convention, etc., for many, a veneration of Albert Shaker seemed profoundly contrary to the new thrust of the AFL-CIO.
AFL-CIO Convention Draws To Close
By Ernie Mailhot, from the Militant, 13 October 1997. A straightforward account of the closing. Like the rest of the convention, the rally and the deliberations of the last day reflected the impact of the UPS strike and recent union organizing victories.
AFL-CIO convention: New labor militancy comes through loud and clear
By Shelley Ettinger, in the Workers World, 9 October 1997. In its final three days, the AFL-CIO convention remained focused on organizing.

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