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AFL-CIO solidarity with other organizations

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   History of the AFL-CIO in general

Note: The primary location of documents for the international solidarity of labor is under World Labor.

A letter to the AFL-CIO on NATO expansion
George A. Meyers, in People's Weekly World, 28 March 1998. Letter to Jay Mazur, Mazur chair of the International Affairs Committee of the AFL-CIO Executive Council, criticizeing the resolution adopted at a recent meeting of the AFL-CIO Executive Council expressing support for the expansion of NATO.
California AFL-CIO 1998 Resolution on Cuba
By California Labor Federation AFL-CIO, at 22nd Convention, July 1998. All countries of the Western Hemisphere have diplomatic and economic relations with Cuba. Hence the United States has no basis in continuing its embargo against Cuba.
Resolution in defense of the right to picket and act in solidarity
ILWU Resolution for California AFL-CIO Convention, July 1998. Struggles in support of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union in the Neptune Jade situation are attacked despite First Ammendment rights.

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