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Working conditions of US labor

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 History of the US working class in general

Labor instensification, sweatshops

The Case for Shorter Work Time
By Bruce O'Hara. 25 October, 1995. In the last couple of decates, people have come to work more for less.
Historic "No Sweatshop" Resolution To Be Introduced at Mayors Conference
Sweatshop Watch press release. 18 June, 1997. Model municipal no-sweatshop public purchasing resolution.

Health, safety, and sexual harassment

Lives in the balance -- Corporate vs. public research
By Phil E. Benjamin, in People's Weekly World,
16 September, 1995. Re the Ballenger Bill (HR-1834) which guts the Occupational Safety and Health Act.
Mitsubishi chorus drowns out industry sexism
By Vickie Elmer. Detroit Journal, Business Columnist. 26 May, 1996. Sexual harassment is widespread.
Job Related Injuries Very Common in US
Associated Press. 27 July, 1997.

Contingent (temporary, part-time) workers

Contingent Workers: There oughta be a law
By Tony Murphy, in Workers World, 7 September, 1995.

The natural environment

Progressives gather to build a broader movement
From Labor-Environmental Solidarity Network News, 22 August, 1995. Meeting in Portland, OR, 14-15 Aug. re cooperation in struggle against reaction by uniting labor and environmentalism.

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