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A.E. Staley lockout, Decatur IL

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 US working-class history
Protesters to Pepsi: "Stop buying Staley, now!"
By Herb Kaye, in People's Weekly World, 2 September, 1995. A.E. Staley Co. lockout began in 1993.
Staley workers force tax giveaway cancellation
By Fred Gaboury, in People's Weekly World, 9 September, 1995.
Lessons from the Staley fight
By Herb Kaye, in People's Weekly World, 3 February, 1996. On 22 December, 1966, the United Paperworkers International Union (UPIU) Local 7837 in Decatur voted to accept a poor contract. Here re all the forces working against a more favorable outcome.

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