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From Adam@deja.com Sun Oct 8 10:30:48 2000
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 23:07:41 -0500 (CDT)
From: Adam@deja.com, San Francisco <sf_adam@rocketmail.com>
Subject: Nader = Clinton on Foreign Policy
Organization: Marxist Workers' Group
Article: 106195
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Nader = Clinton on foreign policy

From the Marxist Workers' Group, www.marxistworker.org
5 October 2000

Nader refuses to take any position on critical issues of foreign policy. Why? Because he is indistinguishable from Buchanan, Bush, Gore or Clinton. He has not denounced the bloody genocidal wars the US has instigated. He has not offered any kind of alternative to the 'new' brand of imperialism that is propelling the US to war in endless points on the globe.

But it isn't so surprising both Nader and the Greens aren't big on pushing themselves as an alternative to Clinton's foreign policy. Because there is no difference. The Greens in the US use the first Green Party in Germany as its model. The German Green Party runs the imperialist war machine there. It is in a governing alliance with Clinton's twin in Germany, Gerhardt Schroeder.

Taking its cues from its German mentor, the US Green Party calls for "international Multilateral Peacekeeping to Stop Aggression and Genocide." But this humanistic-sounding slogan is just so many words to say: U.S. and German militarism should be the enforcers keepers of a murderous, criminal and genocidal warsówars that that imperialism fostered and nurtured.

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