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From YyzCA@aol.com Wed Nov 1 21:16:33 2000
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2000 20:20:32 EST
Subject: Re: Labor and the Lesser of Two Evils
To: brownh@hartford-hwp.com, LABOR-L@yorku.ca
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Labor and the Lesser of Two Evils

By YyzCA@aol.com
1 November 2000

[A comment in response to an essay of the same name by Haines Brown]

You overlook a major reason to vote for Nader.

US labour and US blacks have been so long in the pockets of the Democrats that they have very little clout. The Republicans don't court them because it is expensive and there is slim hope of a return. The Democrats don't court them beyond lip service because, why is it really necessary?

For the first time in years, there is a viable alternative, a chance for blacks and labour to take a stand and act independently. It won't do much in this election, but in 2002 and, especially, in 2004, blocks not clearly identified with either side will be courted by both.

If labour and/or blacks can ask both parties, "what will you really do for us in order to gain our support in the coming election?" with a creditable claim that their support is really in play, they may accomplish something.

For 50 years, US labour has wanted legislation that gives US workers the same rights to organize that European workers have. US blacks do not appear to have obtained their national objectives, either.

No, Nader is a far more powerful alternative than the rigid thinkers on the left know. If Bush wins, blacks and labour are with the losers; if Gore wins, they will continue to be taken for granted. Only Nader offered both groups the opportunity for real power. Both failed to recognize the opportunity for this election; it is still not to late for the next election.

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