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From asterdis@hl.telia.no Wed Oct 18 13:02:40 2000
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2000 16:35:39 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: [smygo] "Elections"
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From: asterdis@hl.telia.no
15 October 2000

People have, for a while, been discussing who should be the new janitor of the United States. This, to me is a question, that completely fail to excite me. I think it's unbelievable, quite frankly, that there still are presumably intelligent people, along with all the other idiots, who are still buying this elaborate, but simple deception. Every forth year or so, most people are fooled again, and the people at the top of the pyramid, are laughing their masks off.

All janitors, in all the countries of the world, are just that, caretakers of a completely whacked system, a system inherently wrong. To discuss who this person should be, whether it is bush, gore or nader is really beside the point. In my opinion the system can't be reformed, it can't be changed, and it can't be overturned from within.

To participate in it's games, including this "election" just gives it legitimacy. The green party in germany has managed to get a little piece of the pie. But the only thing they've managed to do, is to scrap nuclear power, which is no small feat. BUT... all in all... there's no difference between them and the people they wanted to throw out of office ten years ago. They've been accepted and has in turn, accepted the system, become a part of it, running with the other two legged dogs, swinging their tails in excitement by the presence of the people really in charge of private and "public" government. No, "voting", the illusion of participation sold to the fools singing the song of their masters, is a diversion, a way to lead attention away from the real issue. The present day society, including all of its nations, is not one with just a few problems, that might be solved with just a few minor reforms somewhere down the road. No, that lie is sold to us everyday by the people at the top, and their various janitors, to keep us from realizing the one lie, the one truth. There is a prevalent disease in the world, one that can't be removed by the small step policy, or just a few, minor "changes". No, the Change must come from outside, and it must be directed at the very disease itself... society itself.

Don't vote. If you do, you'll lose all changes of influencing what direction humanity should take. Work with yourself to become an independent person, not one fooled by the lies and deception, but one seeing through it all, to the real world beyond.

"I don't want to save america, I want to destroy the shit"

Lorrenzo Komboa Erwin in Conway Hall, London 1994, when asked if he wasn't afraid his actions would destroy society.

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