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Subject: Joe Lieberman - Irony and Hypocrisy
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Joe Lieberman - Irony and Hypocrisy

Mid-East Realities
8 August 2000

There are so many ironies in contemporary history; there is so much hypocrisy in our world.

Joe Lieberman and Al Gore were two of the 10 Senators of the Democratic party who voted to make war on Iraq and who have pressed to maintain the genocidal "sanctions" on that country. At the time of that vote the Senate was controlled by the Democratic Party and had they voted and urged the other way history itself could have been altered.

Both Gore and Lieberman have propelled and financed their political careers partly as extreme supporters of Israel, no matter what; and they are both darlings of the Israeli/Jewish lobby.

Joe Lieberman -- moral pillar we are told, Orthodox Jew, decent man, with a wife whose familiar survived the Holocaust -- may present a thoughtful image, a pleasant charm, a "moderate" and "principled" record according to CNN and the corporate-controlled mass media. But when the actual policies he has advocated are examined in cold fact he has been one of the primary advocates of modern-day genocide, of neo-apartheid in the Holy Land, and of a rampant American militarism whose day of reckoning is yet to come.

Now of course there's nothing better to say about George W. and Cheney. But they at least don't put themselves forward as moral pillars and deeply religious personalities.

The only American candidate who makes any moral and principled sense at the moment is Ralph Nader. But the irony here is that his candidacy appears to be most likely to help Bush and Cheney take charge again in Washington; and they are even more dangerous and even more militarist than Al and Joe.

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