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Shadow Convention Speech (Los Angeles)

By Cornel West, Sunday 13 August 2000

Many of you know that I supported my dear friend and brother Bill Bradley, as did Paul Wellstone, and we had a good time. [applause] I love him dearly. But I am an independent. And I'm a free black man, I speak my mind and heart and soul. And that's why I'm for brother Ralph Nader. [huge cheer.] Not because he's a perfect candidate - no candidate is perfect. But for me on personal grounds, I reached a point where working people and poor people are so disregarded and disrespected by a corporate-dominated Democratic party, that you have to begin a new cycle somewhere with somebody. And this broadens the discourse and broadens the engagement. And maybe we can see a little leftward leaning in the Democratic party. We shall see. We shall see.

Cornel West
Shadow Convention Speech (Los Angeles)
Sunday, August 13, 2000

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