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Chiapas is a war of ink and Internet

By Rodolfo Montes, translated from Reforma,
26 April, 1995

Mr. Gurriá spoke in front of businessmen from 37 countries.

The Secretary of Foreign Relations states that there has not been one shot fired in 15 months.

The armed conflict in Chiapas is a war of ink, of written word and a war on the Internet, expressed yesterday Mr. Jose Angel Gurria, Secretary of Foreign Relations in from of businessmen and industrialists from 37 countries. "Chiapas, please take note, is a place where there has not been a shot fired in the last 15 months", stated Gurria in from of more than 150 industrialists gathered at the World Trade Center of this city. "The shots lasted 10 days, and ever since the war has been a war of ink, of written word, a war on the Internet". Internet is a worldwide network of information that can be accessed with a computer and a telephone line. In this network, to which have access 40 million users in 123 countries, businesses and individuals can receive data, text and graphics from practically anywhere in the world. One of the services available on the Internet is the complete speeches of "subcomandante Marcos". Gurria said that a political frame is being created, legal and legislative, supported by all political parties, so that the Zapatistas can feel comfortable and protected to sit down for the discussions. "Even though the dialogue might take a little more time than we expected, it will be nonetheless successful", said Mr. Gurria. The head of the Secretary of Foreign Relations promised that there will be complete investigations of the cases of Colosio and Ruiz Massieu. "The application of justice not only will be applied in those crimes but also on illegal businesses", warned Mr. Gurria. "The investigations have been taken to the highest possible places, and have involved names of the greatest importance and outstanding personalities in our society". "We had a devaluation that was overdue, and when the decisions are not taken at the right time, the market takes them and with a vengeance". Jose Angel Gurria, Secretary of Foreign Relations.

Translated by JA Briones