The working-class history of Estados Unidos Mexicanos (Mexico)

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Mexican workers strike over peso plunge
By Scott Marshall, in the People’s Weekly World, 4 February 1995.
Cleveland based company fires six Mexican union organizers
From Labor Notes, 6 April 1995. Workers disatisfied with govenment dominated federal unions, and want to be represented by Mexico’s only independent, democratic labor federation, the Authentic Labor Front (FAT).
Appeal of bus workers union in Mexico City
From Venancio Felipe Gil Sanchez, General Secretary, SUTAUR-100, 13 April 1995.
Labor Day demonstrates Mexican workers’ anger
From the NAFTA & Inter-American Trade Monitor, 5 May 1995. The government-dominated union Confederacin de Trabajadores de Mexico (CTM) cancels the traditional May Day labor celebration, and so angry workers hold demo.
Free trade impact on labor
From NAFTA & Inter-American Trade Monitor, 8 September 1995.
Mexico’s Labor Congress To Split?
16 April 1996. Mexico's labor federation, dominated by the PRI, in danger of spliting over the PRI’s economic policies.