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The FDNG is preparing to commemorate the October Revolution and the return of Jacobo Arbenz to his homeland

Press release of the Frente Democratico Nueva Guatemala (FDNG), 16 October 1995

This October 20 will have enormous meaning for the popular, democratic, and revolutionary forces of Guatemala, because for the first time since 1950 we have made the decision to participate in elections. Moreover, at this time the Maya organizations, organized in Nukuj Ajpop ("Essay at Government"), are participating vigorously. Since we have decided to found the FRENTE DEMOCRATICO NUEVA GUATEMALA (FDNG) and propose candidates to different electoral positions, we would like to ask those Guatemalans who have not voted in previous years to break with abstentionism and join in our efforts.

The basis for these efforts can be found in the heroic events of October 20, 1944 and the democratic spring of 1944-1954. It is for this reason that, now that we are once again in a political struggle, it is very meaningful for us to salute the October 20 Revolution and the return to Guatemala of Jacobo Arbenz, the constitutional president of the second government of the Revolution. He is now coming to rest in our country, together with the more than 150,000 Guatemalans who have been murdered since his overthrow.

The flags of the Revolution have been raised, and the homage to Jacobo Arbenz is fair. It is for this reason that we fraternally call on all the members of the Frente Democratico Nuevo Guatemala (FDNG), all the Guatemalans who have decided to support us with their vote, and all the people who have the vision of transforming Guatemala on the basis of the proposals of the October Revolution, to join in the great demonstration which the popular movement is organizing for Friday, October 20. The demonstration will be held in the morning, marching from "El Trebol" to the National Palace. We also ask them to go to the other ceremonies which will be held that day.

People in the departments of the country who cannot be present in the capital, due to lack of economic resources, we ask that on October 20 they should join us in their own departments, with events similar to those which will be held in Guatemala City. We want all the militants of the FDNG to feel that that date is their own. We believe that it is proper for the poor and middle sectors of the population to show their force, celebrate a new anniversary of the October Revolution and give homage to a true Guatemalan hero: Jacobo Arbenz Guzm n.

Jorge Gonz lez del Valle,
for the National Direction of the OFDNG
Guatemala, October 16, 1995