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Topic: Comunicado FDNG 10/11, ingles
Written 11:42 AM Nov 11, 1995 by laneta:fdng in cdp:reg.guatemala

Vote for the only democratic alternative

Press release by the Frente Democratico Nueva Guatemala, 10 November 1995

We are a few moments away from exercising our right to elect the authorities who will govern the path of the country for the next four years, and we must exercise it with complete responsibility.

The candidates of the Frente Democratico Nueva Guatemala (FDNG) do not need to resort to rhetoric, since what they propose is part of the struggle they have been carrying out for many years as part of civil society.

For the first time, part of civil society has become a political party to give the people of Guatemala the opportunity to develop a democratic alternative which responds to the society's most important desires.

The FDNG has registered a total of 92 candidates. Of these, 32 are from the Maya sector, 17 from the union sector, and 12 others from the popular sector. Eleven women are candidates, and from their place in the lists they are the ones with the greatest chance of winning electoral positions.

Of the presidential, vicepresidential, and congressional candidates, no one has committed fraud, no one is being re-elected, no one has played politics as usual.

The Plan of Government recently presented by the FDNG is not rhetoric; it contains concrete and viable proposals. As such, it is the only real opposition to the present government and situation.

The Plan of Government of the FDNG specifies the objectives, goals, proposals, and financing for them. It is not merely an electoral project, and it goes far beyond the elections. It is an attempt to make into a reality and recover the road set out by the civic revolution of October 20, 1044, and is primarily the valuable inheritance left to us by President Jacobo Arbenz.

We are a political force dedicated to the construction of peace, participatory democracy, and the socioeconomic changes the country demands. The FDNG was not born and will not die with the elections; it is the seed of a democratic alternative which Guatemala needs today.

It is an instrument at the service of the People of Guatemala, the Maya People, women, peasants, workers, modern businessmen, professionals, students, city dwellers, of everyone.

This November 12 we can make the democratic alternative move ahead. Guatemala will no longer be the country of obscurantism, margination, poverty, and discrimination. Guatemala, at the threshold of the new millenium, the country of eternal spring we all desire.

Get ready to vote for the construction of the New Guatemala

FDNG, Guatemala, November 10, 1995