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Subject: Cerigua Weekly Briefs #13 3/27/96

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What Minimum Wage?

Cerigua Weekly Briefs, #13, 27 March 1996

Guatemala City, March 24. Many landowners pay their workers less than minimum wage and they do not have to fear legal action by the government on the workers' behalf.

"I understand that this infraction is taking place in other parts of the country, especially with young workers," said Labor Minister Arnoldo Ortiz Moscoso yesterday, referring to a report by the archbishop of the Verapaz provinces on minimum wage violations in this region.

Ortiz says he will appeal to owners' consciences and meet with agricultural producers associations to resolve the problem. "We'll talk with plantation owners because we believe we can achieve more [that way] than through the courts," he said.

Existing sanctions for labor infractions are so minimal, with fines of less than 5,000