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CST discusses plans for reunification

Nicaragua Network Hotline, 8 September 1997

Encouraging news from the Nicaraguan labor movement came this week after 300 members of the Sandinista Workers' Central (CST) held a congress on August 30, during which they elected new leadership and discussed ways to reunite the different labor unions affiliated with the FSLN. Ten labor unions left the CST last year as a result of disputes among the union leadership. The CST also announced plans to expand to include not only cooperatives, organizations of unemployed persons, and small business groups. Roberto Gonzalez Gaitan will replace Lucio Jimenez as Secretary General and four women were elected to the federation's executive council.

In related news, the transportation strike that began last week was suspended after the government threatened to cancel the strikers' operation permits. The strike was declared on August 21 in protest of the government's plan to establish over 70 competing routes. Transport union leaders have not dismissed the possibility of future protests against the government's announcement.

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