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Via Workers World News Service
Reprinted from the September 11, 1997 issue of Workers World newspaper

Transport strike widens

Workers World, 11 September 1997

Leaders of the Collective Transport Federation of Nicaragua spent the weekend of Aug. 30 meeting with unionists around Nicaragua to build solidarity for their two-week strike. Bus drivers stopped work Aug. 21 after the right-wing government imposed 72 new bus routes without any studies showing that this would improve service.

The strike is centered in northern and central Nicaragua. But buses have blocked roads in the capital city of Managua for days. Government officials say the strike is costing businesses $1 million every day.

On Aug. 31, Transport Federation leader Antonio Betanco warned that the drivers would step up actions. "The civic way will end if in a determined moment the government does not respond," he said.

Negotiations broke down on Aug. 26 when the government insisted on allowing scab drivers to attend talks.

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