The retrospective history of Central America as a whole

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Central American Independence Celebrated
Centr-Am News, week of Sept. 13–19, 1998. Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica celebrated on September 15 the 177th anniversary of Central American independence from Spain. The five countries were ruled together by the Captaincy of Guatemala until their independence.
Oscar Arias: Harsh words for the U.S. from a voice for peace and prosperity
By Kitty Felde, The Los Angeles Times, 20 February 2000. Arias, Costa Rica's president from 1986 to 1990, brokered a Central American peace deal at a time when no one believed it was possible. He drafted the Esquipulas II accords to establish a firm and lasting peace in Central America, and persuaded his fellow heads of state to sign it.
Peace activist visits Central America
By John Pappademos, People's Weekly World, 9 May 1998. Report of a trip by Bud Deraps to El Salvador and Guatemala as part of a 24-member delegation. A review of the history to the peace accords of 1996.