The working-class history of Central America as a whole

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No More Silence in the Factories
By Maricel Sequeira, IPS, 22 July 1998. Thousands of women who have suffered abuse and the violation of their labour rights in Central America's free zones but remained silent in order to keep their jobs, now have a chance to organise themselves so as to improve their situation.
The forgotten victims of the banana war
ICFTU Online, 11 March 1999. Multinationals running the plantations in Central America are carrying out their own dirty war against the banana workers' trade unions and, taking advantage of the effects of Hurricane Mitch, are further diminishing already deplorable working conditions.
From Campaign for Labor Rights, 3 June 2000. Kimi Korea, a Korean business operating in a maquiladora (assembly for export) sector in Central America, has recently closed its unionized factory in Honduras and is moving its business to a non-union plant in Guatemala. Protest letter sample and background information.