The contemporary political history of Belize

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ACP-EU supports Belize's sovereignty
Amandala Online, 26 March 2000. The ACP Group (Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific) along with the European Union, call on Guatemala to respect Belize's borders and right to sovereignty.
Labor Ministry plucks trained arbitrators from WASA tribunal
The Reporter, 21 May 2000. A tribunal had been set up on May 8 to avert a strike on May 9 by WASA's Workers Union. The tribunal, was to determine if WASA's management breached its collective agreement with the union.
Continuing human rights violations
International Secretariat of Amnesty International, News Service, 5 July 2000. Excessive use of force by police appears to be particularly serious. In 1999 local human rights organizations documented more than 30 cases of police brutality.