The working-class history of Belize

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PSU president says Farias is out of line
Belize Reporter, 20 February 2000. The Public Service Union expels Secretary-General Hubert Enriquez for offering himself as a councillor candidate in Belmopan's city council elections, which may violate the union's constitution.
CWU takes aim at Captain Watson
By Adele Ramos, Amandala Online, 26 March 2000. The CWA Port Authority workers union threaten to strike because of blatant disregard for the current Collective Agreement. Management implemented changes without negotiation.
CWU: Port workers will strike
The Reporter, 26 March 2000. The CWA Union notifies Ports Commissioner of the worker's intention to strike. The Commissioner claims that only 32 percent of Port's total employees were in favour of industrial action.
WASA fires 16—19 more to go? Union threatens to strike
The Reporter, 19 April 2000. WASA Workers' Union Russell Young says the employees of the Belize Water and Sewerage Authority agree to strike if the utility does not rehire 16 employees who were fired last Friday. The WASA management disrespects for the union and fails to honor the collective agreement.